Friday, June 10, 2011

Pre 1993


October 3rd - Kevin Scott Richardson is born in Lexington, Kentucky


August 22nd - Howard Dwaine Dorough is born in Orlando, Florida


February 20th - Brian Thomas Littrell is born in Lexington, Kentucky


January 9th - Alexander James Mclean is born in West Palm Beach, Florida


January 28th - Nicholas Gene Carter is born in Jamestown, New York


Summer (June-Aug) - Lou Pearlman gets the idea to create a boy band


June - The following ad appears in the Orlando Sentinel "Teen male vocalists: Producer seeks male teen singers that move well between 16-19 years of age. Wanted for New Kids-type singing/dance group. Send photo or bio' of any kind to…."

August - 14-year-old A.J. McLean and 19-year-old Tony Donetti (a.k.a. Howie Dorough) audition for the group and are asked to join, although it would be a few months before Donetti actually found out about it; they lost his telephone number and couldn't locate a Tony Donetti in the telephone book.

October - Twelve-year-old Nick Carter auditions for the group in spite of his tender age. Howie D. turns up for what he believes to be an audition with another group and is greeted with "Hey Donetti! Where have you been? We've been looking for you everywhere!" Two other members, Sam Licata and Charles Edwards, temporarily round out the group.

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